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Make Model Rockets with Rocketry Workshop in Pune

Make Model Rockets with Rocketry Workshop in Pune   This 26 January, kids get to make Model Rockets with our Rocketry Workshop. A one of its kind and first in India, Rocketry Workshop is our niche offering wherein kids get an opportunity to advance their learning above the sky. Rocketry is similar to Aeromodelling! But here instead of

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model rocketry workshops in pune

We Have a Lift Off: Making & Launching Rockets

When kids spend over four hours understanding rockets and carefully constructing model rockets made mostly of metallic papers, coke bottles and glue, the furthest thing from their mind might be to fill the rockets with reaction mass – the water and send it flying off at a few hundred miles an hour. But that’s just

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Understand How Rocketry Helps to Ignite Kids’ Interest in STEM

Theory based conceptual learning has now become classroom pedagogy of the past. Increasingly, instructors, schools and parents are seeking hands-on activities, real-world projects and application based learning workshops in the areas of STEM. STEM careers will increase by 17 percent by 2020; however, during the past two decades, college students graduating with these subjects are down

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We know firsthand the excitement and adrenaline rush of launching model rockets. Certainly, Rockets are fun. Also, for many youngsters rocketry will make passages that will springboard early dreamers to become the engineers and aerospace professionals of tomorrow.  They will be the ones designing, building and operating the next-generation rockets. Rockets launch astronauts into space,

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