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Make Things Fly: Register Kids for Aeromodelling Workshops in Pune

In a brightly lit classroom with nice multimedia facilities and planets painted on the walls, kids are learning how to make gliders and model planes. Certainly, this is a scene of Aeromodelling workshops in Pune with High Octane Aerosports.   Aeromodelling Workshops in Pune   At this one day Aeromodelling workshop at Viman Nagar in

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How a Hobby (Like Aeromodelling) Can Change Your Life

Hobby? What is that? Who has time and money for hobby? I assume this the first thought that came into your mind when you first saw the title. Seriously, nowadays all of us are unbearable busy. Engulfed in a tornado of incoming e-mails, professional liabilities, home maintenance, growing children and so many more, it is

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aero modelling


A buzzing model plane in your hand set to start flying over your head! A RC helicopter chopping its wings at the control of your fingertips! Similarly, your happiness getting quadrupled as the Quadcopter you’ve made is fine tuning its flight to perfection!   Welcome to Aeromodelling   An 80 year old aviation specialist, a

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