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High Octane Aeromodelling & Rocketry STEM Winter Camp

We at HIGH OCTANE AEROSPORTS ( https://www.highoctaneaerosports.com) are introducing our signature program   High Octane Aeromodelling & Rocketry STEM Winter Camp   This is a fun filled, hands-on activities based and knowledge rich 5 day camp that introduces kids to Aerospace STEM basis Aeromodelling and Rocketry. The camp will introduce kids to the fascinating world of airplanes and rockets.A niche, unique and engaging

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Make Things Fly: Register Kids for Aeromodelling Workshops in Pune

In a brightly lit classroom with nice multimedia facilities and planets painted on the walls, kids are learning how to make gliders and model planes. Certainly, this is a scene of Aeromodelling workshops in Pune with High Octane Aerosports.   Aeromodelling Workshops in Pune   At this one day Aeromodelling workshop at Viman Nagar in

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Aeromodelling for Kids: Why Kids Should Learn Aeromodelling

Aeromodelling for kids is not a ‘toy’ thing. It’s a ‘model’ thing. So it isn’t playing with ‘flying’ machines. It is lots more than that. Kids have always been fascinated by airplanes and flying. And to enjoy this fascination, all your kids need is to be passionate about airplanes and have a determination to emerge

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Why Kids in Pune Are Increasingly Attracted to Aeromodelling?

They are the school goers, few young ones have not even started going to preschools yet. But all they are aware of and want to enjoy is the pleasure Wright Brothers witnessed nearly 115 years ago. Radio Controlled (RC) Aeromodelling is an expensive hobby. Few youngsters still want to fly high on the adrenaline of

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