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We Have a Lift Off: Making & Launching Rockets

When kids spend over four hours understanding rockets and carefully constructing model rockets made mostly of metallic papers, coke bottles and glue, the furthest thing from their mind might be to fill the rockets with reaction mass – the water and send it flying off at a few hundred miles an hour. But that’s just what participants in one of workshop by High Octane Aerosports did on this 15th August.

It was all in the name of science, though. Or STEM, that is. High Octane Aerosports have conducted several rocketry workshops. The workshop is a sure-fire way to get kids excited about things like mass and acceleration, geometry, space exploration, calculus and STEM. The kids now know how rockets work and how to build and launch a model rocket.


Rocketry Workshops in Pune


For those unfamiliar with rocketry, here’s a quick primer. Firstly, kids participants register for the rocketry workshops in Pune by High Octane Aerosports. Launchers constructed out of readily available hardware items, PVC pipes and bike air pump are provided ready one each to the participants. Additionally, kids create own rockets as per instructions. All this after an interactive session that introduces them of rockets know-hows, history, space exploration and the basics, nitty-gritty and technicalities of rocketry. The simplest models are typically air-blast ‘stomp’ rockets and air-pressured ‘water’ rockets. The launchers have facilities for launching both the types of rockets. The former rockets are made by use of heavy metallic paper. The latter are composed of a coke bottle ‘main body’ glued with fins and nose cone of heavy paper for aerodynamic stability.


Water in Model Rockets!


Model Rockets with water as reaction mass


Water rockets out there. People have been using them over the years as a source of entertainment and education for kids and adults alike. Water rockets help kids about aeronautics. There is a direct comparative analogy with the real NASA rockets in regard to its construction and working principle. People can also accept challenges to compete with different water rocket design and flight time.

This rockets uses water and pressurized air as the energy to propel it out the nozzle. Fill the bottle partially with water, then pressurize with air by use of the bike pump. Pushing the water out the nozzle at the back creates thrust and causes the rocket to move in the other direction. That’s a direct application of Newton’s third law of motion – for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!


Stomp it on Model Rockets


Air Blast Stomp Rocket


On the other hand, stomping onto a connected empty mineral water bottle launches the stomp rockets. Simple but extremely fun activity!


Rocketry – Fun filled STEM activity

The rocketry workshop is surely full of fun . And at the same time it is highly educational, too. It’s a perfect hands-on building activity for students as young as five years or so. The science concepts involved in the activity have only sky as a limit.

With rocketry, you’re doing science, engineering, math, technology — all of the STEM areas. And in addition to all of that, it involves understanding Newton’s Laws of Motion.


In this workshop over 20 participants built and launched both the stomp and water rockets. Rocketry is getting popular. Participants just love it, it’s an exciting adventure.


One of next Rocketry workshops in Pune is happening on October 2. Register for our Events Now.


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