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Make Things Fly: Register Kids for Aeromodelling Workshops in Pune

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In a brightly lit classroom with nice multimedia facilities and planets painted on the walls, kids are learning how to make gliders and model planes. Certainly, this is a scene of Aeromodelling workshops in Pune with High Octane Aerosports.


Aeromodelling Workshops in Pune

At this one day Aeromodelling workshop at Viman Nagar in Pune on 10 June, kids of ages five to 15, listened with rapt attention to treatises on Newton’s Laws of Motion, History of Aviation, Flight Mechanics and about the Airplane Power, Stability and Control. All this, before they started building their own ‘Nebula’ balsa glider and the ‘Hangar Rat’, the rubber band plane among other model planes. The key to making good planes is in keeping the ‘make’ as close as possible to the blueprint provided with the model kit. Kids learn to have correct placements of wings, vertical and horizontal tailplane, rudder, dihedral angle and balancing of wings. After all, they are making a model plane that they’re going to fly.

This was just one of the same Aeromodelling workshops that High Octane Aerosports have conducted in Viman Nagar, Koregaon Park and Sinhagad Road. The company founded by core Aerospace experts has as an offering. Aeromodelling workshops engage kids to ‘Make Things Fly!’ Over 150 kids in Pune have explored and learnt Aeromodelling as a hobby and skill with High Octane Aerosports. Additionally, Aeromodelling make kids get a glimpse of Aeronautics, and they get to build their ‘fascination’ of flying.



Aeromodelling workshops with a niche

Aeromodelling workshop with High Octane Aerosports is essentially divided into three parts —

  1. Interactive Session – Learning about the theoretical aspects of airplanes, Aerodynamics and Aeromodelling
  2. Activities – Model Plane building from the materials provided
  3. Field Flying and Demonstrations – Kids are taken to field to fly their planes and to witness advanced RC Helicopter and RC Planes’ demonstrations.

High Octane Aerosports tries to avoid technical jargon and keep the language simple. However, the core minimal know-hows and sophistication are still maintained. “Aeromodelling is a fun activity, offers engaging options to kids. Even more, the fascination of flying is what makes them interested,” says Dipalee, the instructor. “Flying is certainly fun, and building a flying machine to make it fly is more fun” she sums up her opinion on why these little kids find something like Aeromodelling so interesting.

Once the model planes are ready, kids are taken on the open ground, the ‘flying field’. Kids then launch the planes in the air as per instructions. All planes in a sequence one by one. Furthermore, planes refuse to fly sometimes! Minor tweaking and adjustments help in such cases. All this just adds to the fun. The Hangar Rat can be in the air for over a minute and go up to a height of 20-40ft.

Finally, what follows the field flying are the demonstrations of advanced RC Planes. Instructors show various RC Helicopters, RC Planes and RC Quadcopters. Kids get to see, hold and even get ‘hands-on’ flying trials of these planes. As a result, this makes them more enthusiastic about their next steps in Aeromodelling.



Aeromodelling a STEM Skill

Dipalee says parents must encourage their children to attend Aeromodelling workshops like these. It’s an engaging STEM skill. “It is not like painting, where one stroke can go here and there. In Aeromodelling, one has to be sure about each and everything,” she adds. “This is a scientific enthusiasm. Honing as a skill is possible.”


Aeromodelling is an engaging and interesting experience. Its a STEM activity that develop skills, enthusiasm and passion in science techniques.


Aeromodelling is creative

Vikas Sharma, 8, attended this workshop. Savita, his mother, says: “I myself had no clue that an amazing workshop like this exists in Pune. My husband always wanted to make airplanes and so we made our son join this.” She found out about the workshop from the event listing that High Octane Aerosports puts out in Times Pune Mirror.

As the mother of an eight-year-old, she feels today’s generation is inclined to such novel activities. All because of a newer environment and exposure to newer ideas.

The kids have their own explanations. Seven year old Swara Deshpande loves adventure — and that’s why she wanted to attend the workshop. Her mother Shweta Deshpande, however, notes that not many girls opt for such adventure activities, which involve engineering skills.

Aditya, Eight, says, “I like learning Aeromodelling, it is interesting.” Likewise, Vibhavari Mahendrakar, 10, sums up her reason in one word— Aeromodelling is “creative”. Furthermore, Vedant, 10, and Ansh, nine,  love the idea of flying planes.



The Next Workshops in Pune

The next workshop for kids in Pune is now on 2nd September in Viman Nagar. This will cover more ground – more engaging activities, more fun and more learning. Additionally, for kids interested in aeromodelling, the good news is that more workshops in Pune are in the pipeline. The workshop, priced at Rs 4800, is open to kids five to 15 yrs. Registrations are on.

More details, flyers and registration procedure is available at our Events listingAll Events, Google Plus and Aeromodelling Website


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