High Octane Aerosports

Emerging Aerial Technologies

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Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV), commonly referred to as drones, are becoming an option for a broad range of application scenarios. Also, they have now found their extensive utilization in defense operations for surveillance, to monitor enemy activities, collecting information, and even attacking targets and terrorist hideouts. Additionally, they are also increasingly being used used in civil applications, such as policing, firefighting and nonmilitary work, such as inspection of power lines and pipelines. Furthermore, corporations would increase their use of drones in commercial fields like as agriculture, to deliver small items to rough terrain areas, and medication to emergency locations. Drones are often preferred for missions that are too dull, dirty or dangerous for manned aircraft.

If that’s not enough, furthermore, drones are now the ubiquitous choice for

  • aerial photography and videography
  • for environmental and habitat monitoring
  • disaster and post-disaster reconnaissance
  • search and rescue
  • real-estate development and marketing
  • marriage and events coverage
  • hobby photography
  • cinematography
  • archaeology
  • the documentation and reconstruction of cultural heritage sites.

Relatively inexpensive, lightweight and easily deploy-able, drones have thus proved a viable alternative to traditional forms of flight, such as full-scale airplaes and helicopters. Drones typically resemble one of several common design variants, including fixed-wing, foldable-wing, rotary, and multi-rotor designs. Also, modern integrated and embedded systems are creating a balance between cost, operational complexity, payload capacity and drone size

Drones are emerging aerial technologies that will change the landscape of logistics, supply chain management,  aerial photography and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) in the future to come.


Drones delivering packages - emerging aerial technologies

Drones delivering packages – emerging aerial technologies




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