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model rocketry workshops in pune

We Have a Lift Off: Making & Launching Rockets

When kids spend over four hours understanding rockets and carefully constructing model rockets made mostly of metallic papers, coke bottles and glue, the furthest thing from their mind might be to fill the rockets with reaction mass – the water and send it flying off at a few hundred miles an hour. But that’s just

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Understand How Rocketry Helps to Ignite Kids’ Interest in STEM

Theory based conceptual learning has now become classroom pedagogy of the past. Increasingly, instructors, schools and parents are seeking hands-on activities, real-world projects and application based learning workshops in the areas of STEM. STEM careers will increase by 17 percent by 2020; however, during the past two decades, college students graduating with these subjects are down

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Remote Control Helicopter Pune

Buy Large and Unbreakable Remote Control Helicopters in Pune

The Lead Honor 3.5CH Remote Control Helicopters are large in size (2ft and 3 ft) and unbreakable. Also, these RC helicopters feature super strong metal alloy frame. The Helicopters’ body can take up to 200 pounds of force! You can even step on it and it won’t break. They are designed to withstand normal crashes

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Make Things Fly: Register Kids for Aeromodelling Workshops in Pune

In a brightly lit classroom with nice multimedia facilities and planets painted on the walls, kids are learning how to make gliders and model planes. Certainly, this is a scene of Aeromodelling workshops in Pune with High Octane Aerosports.   Aeromodelling Workshops in Pune At this one day Aeromodelling workshop at Viman Nagar in Pune

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How a Hobby (Like Aeromodelling) Can Change Your Life

Hobby? What is that? Who has time and money for hobby? I assume this the first thought that came into your mind when you first saw the title. Seriously, nowadays all of us are unbearable busy. Engulfed in a tornado of incoming e-mails, professional liabilities, home maintenance, growing children and so many more, it is

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Aeromodelling for Kids: Why Kids Should Learn Aeromodelling

Aeromodelling for kids is not a ‘toy’ thing. It’s a ‘model’ thing. So it isn’t playing with ‘flying’ machines. It is lots more than that. Kids have always been fascinated by airplanes and flying. And to enjoy this fascination, all your kids need is to be passionate about airplanes and have a determination to emerge

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aeromodelling show in Pune by high octane aerosports

Aeromodelling For Beginners: Starting Off With RC

Flying RC Planes have always fascinated kids and everyone alike. RC Aeromodelling almost came into existence over 20 years back in India in the form of a hobby. Certainly, now the applications have increased. Government, Private, Defense and Science organizations use RC Planes for collecting weather data, advertisement by banner towing, spying, aerial photography and so

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