High Octane Aerosports


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A buzzing model plane in your hand set to start flying over your head! A RC helicopter chopping its wings at the control of your fingertips! Similarly, your happiness getting quadrupled as the Quadcopter you’ve made is fine tuning its flight to perfection!


Welcome to Aeromodelling


An 80 year old aviation specialist, a young entrepreneur, a 5 year old preschooler, certainly age isn’t a limitation here. Just learn the basics and develop an enthusiasm. Hence, if you are looking for an interesting activity to bond with, Aeromodelling may be your choice.

Additionally, Aeromodelling is an international hobby and sport. Therefore, express your creativity in your model planes, prove their air-worth in local and international Aeromodelling competitions and win. If this is not enough, it is also STEM learning. Include it as part of your curriculum, master the skill, flaunt it in your resume and enhance your employability, above all!


Aeromodelling – A Science

Aeromodelling Legacy Model Plane

Legacy Model Plane

It touches on the key rules of motions and the physics of flight. Due to this, designing and building a model plane is exciting and challenging. There are many considerations behind the forces of flight, Aerodynamics and a grasp of balance. Additionally, engine-powered planes and Quadcopters also involve appreciating the art of engine and propeller designs.

This makes it a great engaging activity that prepares you for further education and future careers associated with Aerospace.


Aeromodelling – A Sport

Of course it’s a science, but it’s not that serious after all! For those who are game for it, Aeromodelling is international sport. As a result, there are few local, regional and global competitions and associations available.


Aeromodelling – A Hobby

Also, Aeromodelling is a hobby that you can practice at your leisure time. Put down your stress and burdens the week and just enjoy the moments watching your plane soaring gracefully in the sky. Even more, join your nearest Aeromodelling club or head to your nearest field with your plane and start flying it!


Aeromodelling – A Career

Are you rather passionate about flying and coaching? Start your flight on a unique route, passing down your knowledge to new generations – become an Aeromodelling trainer, create Aeromodelling experts. Or, furthermore, excel in marvels of Aerial photography using drones and sell your services for capturing photographs during festivals, weddings and functions.


Aeromodelling – A STEM Skill

True Scale Model Plane Aeromodelling

True Scale Model Plane

Are you passionate about Science and Technology? Majoring in Engineering or Math? Whether you are a school student with a growing passion for STEM subject areas or a university student in the process of earning a degree in a STEM discipline, takeoff your interests to another level by including STEM based Aeromodelling in your school and college curriculum or your final year projects in Aeromodelling

This type of programmes and projects develop design thinking capability, problem solving and innovative ability. Its a skill that will certainly greatly enhance your employability.


Types of Aeromodelling

The types of model planes and RC Planes vary to some extent across the world, but broadly fall into the following broad three types. Additionally, there exists Static Aeromodelling which features model planes for show purpose not meant to fly.


Free Flight Aeromodelling

In this type, model planes follow the wind and soar in rising currents of air. Likewise, they set their own course and are free of any control from the ground. If you have ever tossed a folded paper plane, you have flown a free flight model in its most basic form. Furthermore, advanced models may be rubber band plane, hand launched ‘chuck glider’ or catapult gliders or even flapping wings Ornithopter.

Certainly, this is one of the least expensive and simplest ways to get started in Aeromodelling. A competitive objective to build and launch a self-controlling aircraft that will achieve the longest flight duration and inherently stabilize itself in flight on wind disturbance. Certainly, this makes it a very exciting and interesting way to start learning, understanding and applying the science and engineering principles. The stability of these models is achieved by a combination of design and trim, – the relationship between center of gravity, wing and tail plane incidence and rudder setting. Master the technique and you can also compete to win in the Aeromodelling contests where these models are flown.


RC Aeromodelling

Controlling RC planes using a handheld transmitter is an excitement and an adrenaline rush not anything lesser than flying real airplane. RC Planes and RC Helicopters are what fascinate people, above all. Over the years, this facet of Aeromodelling has certainly evolved along with technology and now you can experiment and learn with newer flight concepts and principles. Consequently, RC Planes are what would advance you from a simplistic hobby to an advanced understanding of Flight Physics and Aerodynamics.


Multirotor Aeromodelling

Certainly, Quadcopter is a machine every Aeromodeller wants to build and command. If something goes wrong, you want to be able to diagnose and fix the issue. Also, you want to understand the capabilities of each part and their significance into flying a Quadcopter. Certainly, everyone goes through different struggles when making and piloting a Quadcopter for the first time. Multirotor flying certainly has a learning curve.

Building a toy Quadcopter from off the shelf hobby grade equipment is now a piece of cake, poses little or no challenge in building one. But when you want to advance your passion to build a much sophisticated and accurately controllable Quadcopter then you do require understanding of the build process, assembly, configuration, Aerodynamics and above all, patience. If you want to try your hands at Aerial Photography with your home made Quadcopter, then accurately mounting the camera and transmitting the video feed also becomes important.

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